About Us

Toys Paradise was created in 2022 to deliver our mission of helping parents make toy purchases that their children enjoy more. With an endless amount of “taton the shelves and online, we wanted to make an online resource that only showcases the very best that Australian toy retailers have to offer. We are able to do this with confidence thanks to a background in Toy Design for one of Australia’s leading retailers.

Thanks to this background, we are able to use this expertise to ensure all of the toys we promote are high quality, on-trend, promote skill development, and most importantly – fun!

We are completely independently owned and this extends to our editorial standards. Our toy selections and guides are totally independent of any retailer’s input and are not influenced by any external parties whatsoever. With total freedom, we are able to ensure that the toys we write about are genuinely the best in our views.

In some cases, we may partner with toy retailers as an affiliate, but only when we genuinely believe their toy is worth it. In these cases, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, we include many toys that we are not affiliated with. Learn more about how this site makes money here.

– The Toys Paradise Team